Prologue 3 Why listen to me?

So, really, Why listen to me? What makes me an Authentic author?  

I have been surfing downstream for about 10 years having made the commitment to change things when I was at my lowest ebb, and was probably the most difficult time to do so.....

 I have now reached my pool of calm. Believe me, I'm not special, so if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO if you really want to! 

My own experiences

The major life challenges I have overcome; 

·      Unemployment, 

·      Severe financial difficulties,

·      Early death of a parent, 

·      Chronic and terminal disease, 

·      Severe depression and sequelae, 

·      Divorce, 

·      Multiple miscarriages, 

·      Childlessness, 

·     And probably the hardest thing which I still struggle with, learning to put myself first.


The triumphs :including –

·      Changing my life’s direction,

·      Quitting my career,

·      Selling my business,

·      Travelling the world,

·      Meeting my soul-mate half way across the Atlantic on a yacht,

·      Emigrating to Australia, and

·      Ticking my bucket list whilst becoming healthy again.


 And most importantly I have reached my pool of calm………and on reaching it , it was as if all the dominos lined up fell into place……my new life is exciting creative, fulfilling and HAPPY………it’s the life I want to lead!