Prologue 2 The Paradox




“The paradox is that the end is actually the beginning and the beginning is actually the end.”




The End


I’m swimming freestyle in my pool of life. The pool is calm. I choose my direction,

Swimming only where I want to go.I have things to do, places to go, but only when I choose. My stress is what I make it, and my income is made doing the things I love.

My life is simple and uncluttered. Not yet debt free but my income covers my debts.


I’m where I need to be, where I want to be, at the right time……


The end of my downstream surf, and yet in reality; my reality, and my truth , it is only the beginning. The beginning of a beautiful journey, yet to unfold, surfing onward as a true “Free Life-Styler” 






Imagine what your calm pool of still water will be………


Imagine what your ideal “freestyle” day would look like, feel like, taste like, smell like, from the time you wake up to the time you fall into deep, beautiful, restful sleep.


Spend some time each day from now on focusing on your ideal day……

Then be grateful for all you have now and that you are beginning your journey to where you want to be.


My “pool of calm water” will different from yours. My ideal day doesn’t rely on material things, but involves being able to indulge all my senses and creativity, letting the day unfold, free from the pressures of time and money.  That is happiness for me.


Have I reached my “pool” yet?

Yes!!! And it’s AWESOME!         Totally Worth overcoming Every hardship and challenge that I have faced. Totally worth the effort planning and Patience. Am I pleased with my choiciquences......oh yes.

Has it been smooth all the way?…..oh no!

Have I bombed into the surf at times head first trying to go too fast?….oh yes!

But I have always resurfaced with the current guiding me gently downstream, until I am ready to get up and surf again.

Are you ready to surf?

Then we have the end, the end of your previous life, and we have the beginning, the beginning of your new life, all in the same moment.

The Paradox is complete.