Chapter 1 The Art Of Freestyle Living



The ultimate goal of freestyle living is to live each day freely, having the choice to do the things you love, unencumbered by the requirement to earn money or pander to the wants, desires and belief structures of others. Living that “Friday Feeling” all day everyday.


“I want to get up in the morning and catch a wave everyday, reborn and energized in the sunshine and salt water”


What it is not:


The feeling of being imprisoned, forced to live each day according to what is “expected” of you. Being a “wage slave” that ties you to a “ball and chain”, “hamster wheel” lifestyle whilst wishing with all your heart and soul that you had time to do those things you really want to do now.


If this resonates with you read on.


Just as being to surf doesn’t happen overnight, neither does a freestyle lifestyle, and as in all things worth working towards, you will need to allow yourself time and be patient. You will need to plan, gain a certain mindset, and attain a set of skills. But the most important thing is the desire to change and being brave enough to face your fears.

Once fears are faced they lose all power and this is your first step towards freedom.

Do you really want to be free?

Are you ready to face your fears?


Important CONCEPTS to understand are:


1 CHOICIQUENCES .  We are bombarded with choices to make in our lives. We can often be persuaded to make the wrong choices for ourselves, if we listen to other people rather than our own heart. Your choices should be made from your OWN beliefs and heart. All choices and decisions have consequences. It is important to take responsibility for the consequences of our choices whatever the outcome is good or bad.

Are you ready to change and accept the consequences whatever they may be?



1 BELIEF...... Belief is just is not fact, nor proven. Ultimately, belief is a powerful and motivating thought. Your beliefs are your own and you cannot force them on others against their will. Beliefs need to be accepted at a pure and fundamental level for them to have any power.

Do you believe you can do it?

2 FAITH...... Another term that can be used instead of belief. It is essentially the same thing. To have faith in something is to believe in it without proof of truth.

Have you got faith in yourself?

3 THE DARK SIDE OF THE DREAM....Everything in the universe is balanced. So although we may achieve our goals and achieve our dream there may be dark times on the way, or the reality of the dream may not be quite the reality we hoped for.


4 OUR REALITY IS PERSONAL.......and not necessarily the same for other people.


4 OUR TRUTH IS PERSONAL.  It is ours and ours alone. Some people may share it, but often they will have their own, which may not align with ours. That is OK, everyone is entitled to an opinion.