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Chapter 7 EPILOGUE


I am free. I have escaped the drudgery and the “normal”. My days flow into one another filled with creative time and space. No two days are the same.

 I lie in on Mondays.

I have diversified my income streams, able to spend most of my time doing the thing I love most.  The stress and pressure is gone. I cover my bills. I have what I need, living in gratitude and abundance.


Are you surfing yet?

If not, why not? The journey is so worth it; exhilarating and challenging…….

The epilogue…. priceless!

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Chapter 4 Social Stuff and Nonsense
Walk with me for a while. Leave your life as it is, unplug your head phones, and follow in my footprints. Tuesday morning; beach walking. Absorb the serenity, the surf breaking softly, the ocean’s gentle undulating resonance. Soft sand and seaweed smell... nature’s priceless gifts in abundance.
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Chapter 3


Whilst floating during my early morning swim in the sea, looking up at the sky, I noticed a double rainbow had developed. It was a serene and beautiful sight and reminded me how incredible this world can be, how magical, if only we took the time to notice..........EVERY DAY. 

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Chapter 2 Let's Start Surfing!!

Weeeeeeeeee!!   Lets start surfing!!

You’ve made the big decision to turn things around and go with flow. Just making the decision will come with a feeling of both relief and apprehension, if not fear of the changes you will have to make. Your head will be telling you not to be so stupid and “what if……”and “well you can’t because……."

Yet your heart will be dancing…….can you feel it?



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Prologue 3 Why listen to me?

I have been surfing downstream for about 10 years having made the commitment to change things when I was at my lowest ebb, and was probably the most difficult time to do so.....

 I have now reached my pool of calm. Believe me, I'm not special, so if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO if you really want to! 

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Salmon surfing Downstream - Prologue

Have you ever felt like a Salmon swimming upstream? Leaping and striving to conquer a strong current that is constantly pushing you back.....striving so hard to get to a place where you think you need to be....hoping for that moment when you achieve your dream and everything will be ok? But as the current keeps knocking you back you become more and more tired and you begin to wonder what on earth is it all about?

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