Chapter 7 EPILOGUE

I am free. I have escaped the drudgery and the “normal”. My days flow into one another filled with creative time and space. No two days are the same.

 I lie in on Mondays.

I have diversified my income streams, able to spend most of my time doing the thing I love most.  The stress and pressure is gone. I cover my bills. I have what I need, living in gratitude and abundance.


Are YOU surfing yet?

If not, why not? The journey is so worth it; exhilarating and challenging…….

The epilogue…. priceless!






This book is for you…….all of usface difficulties, challenges and times of pain.

I believe a paradox exists; that we all grow the most, when we are at our weakest and most vunerable. Our pain gives us this amazing opportunity to heal and become stronger.


These are the stories within the story of my journey …..the true fishy tales…the stories around the “rocks” that blocked journey , both huge and small, all significant and relevant. 


So it began

On my 35th birthday I started taking antidepressants.

On the surface, my life looked great, and I appeared to be happy. I had a lovely house, my own business, great friends and good social life.

Yet in my core, I knew if I didn’t change I would be dead.  I was like the king salmon, endlessly struggling to leap upstream against a vicious current that kept throwing me back, again and again, stripping me of energy to a point of exhaustion.


I was exhausted with nothing left to give to myself , or to others, yet still I had to “perform”. Failure wasn’t an option for me. I could not be “signed off sick”, I had to turn up for work. If I didn’t work, I didn’t get paid, and I had 5 other people relying on me for their income. I had to battle on, but I did start to plan my last leap………a 180 degrees.


Even as I was planning, the stress that I buried, was beginning to manifest physically , and was becoming obvious. My hands had started to shake when I was under pressure and my short-term memory had become terrible. Sleep was erratic and peppered with nightmares, leaving me drained and emotional during the daytime. It became apparent that the change would have to happen soon, before I became too unwell and unsafe to do my job. In the evenings I would “self –medicate” with “a glass or two “ of wine to “come down” after a day of super stress. Of course this did not help the sleep pattern…..but there was no other choice I could make at the time.


In order to escape, I had to initiate some really big stuff: all at a time when I was at my weakest and most vunerable.

It meant leaving a long –term relationship, selling my business, leaving my home, and relocating. 


At my weakest, I had to become my strongest

I leapt turned 180 degrees and went for it!


Salmon Surfing Rocks is the second book in the trilogy and contains the true “fishy tales”.- coming soon.


It will contain uplifting, hopeful and enlightening true stories about


Loss of faith

Cancer and Chronic illness

Financial Difficulties


Depression and Chronic pain

Death, heaven, and is there life after death.

Miscarriage, and Childfree living.

Taking time out

Ticking your Bucket list




Diversifying income

6 degrees of separation

The Secret, and Manifestations.

An introduction to Angels and magic!


The countdown has started……………………………………….