Salmon Surfing Rocks Chapter3 Health Part 3


These days there are so many conflicting and bewildering articles on what is good for our health. I am just going put down my own recent experiences with regards to getting healthier. I love learning and being educated, but I also want to know the reasoning behind apparently “newly trending” ideas .

But lets start with the basics.

1.    Exercise

There really is no down size to this, and must play a key role in our quest to become the best possible version of ourselves.

Good for weight loss, control of high blood pressure, diabetes, and now being prescribed as one of the preliminary treatments of depression.

·      Exercise doesn’t need to be hard, walking is gentle free and good. 10000 steps a day is recommended for an adult, One of the best investments  I made this last year, was a popular wrist band gadget that measures the number of steps I take per day ( and other things) it keeps me on track so to speak and holds me accountable on “lazy” days. It has been terrific as an aid in my goal for slow sustainable weight loss.

·      Yoga is another excellent exercise for both women and men. Promoting strength , flexibility, posture and balance, with a heavy dose of mindfulness thrown in. it is great for stress relief and control and can be easily practiced at home for as long as you have atone time.

·      I have recently taken up karate! Yes, at 50 years of age. And have found this wonderful for strength, balance, concentration and for social reasons.

·      Running is not my thing, although I would love it to be, however. Great for a cardiovascular  workout and weight loss.

·      Swimming is a good all round egg ; toning , cardiovascular, use of all muscles in synchronization and breathing techniques. It is also quite meditative.

·      Cycling. Outdoors, cardiovascular and social. Fabulous for toning the legs and butt. Need I say more? .

·      HIIT ( high intensity interval training) seems to be a favourite in the “high paced, quick results in no time” world and certainly seems to get results for rapid weight loss, but it certainly isn’t gentle!

You can think out of the box. There is a trend towards “ movement for wellness” and “sitting is the new smoking” , very roughly translated meaning, standing up and moving most of the time is what you should be doing. I have been told to try not to sit at any one time for more than 30 minutes. Try achieving that goal for a week in this sedentary world!!

I want to learn how to Salsa, adult ballet and to revisit riding. Fun stuff! I think dancing will be the new jogging for me!

Pick what is right for you and commit to spend some time each day maintaining your body , it’s the very least you can do.

2.         Diet

So very complex and confusing these days. One minute one “super food” is all the rage and the next minute it is something else.

Instead of diet I’m interested in NUTRITION and the BENEFITSof the foods we choose to eat. This is a whole other book with recipies and reasoning. GREAT GUT HEALTH is the current recommendation for overall wellness. Many of the modern diseases we endure today are caused by inflammation in the body caused by poor nutrition and gut health. I don’t like taking pharmaceutical tablets to treat SYMPTOMS of an underlying disease. I want to find and treat the ROOT CAUSE of the symptoms as naturally as possible.

I have recently visited a Natropath. “Natropath” was not in my vocabulary until last year, but this year I was aware of obvious internal imbalances going on in my body. My immune system was weak and I was taking a long time to heal. This was combined with breakouts of acne (something I had never before suffered with but would take weeks to heal) I had twitchy legs at night. All this was despite eating a very healthy and nutritionally valuable diet. I was recommended to a beautiful lady colleague who worked in the centre where I practice my Deep Healing Hypnotherapy Program, and was blown away by what she did for me. The first consultation was an hour and a half of detailed history taking, after which she made her diagnosis and recommendations for nutritional supplements to aid the first level of my recovery. Gut health and absorption of key nutrient deficiencies was at the heart of the first wave of treatment to solve the issues I was having. I experienced immense benefits over the first three weeks. I really feel remarkably more well, with obvious results being, control of breakouts and much faster healing. My twitchy legs have almost gone and just I have much more energy.  

Don’t despair, there are some really simple cost effective things that you can add into your diet which are known to have great benefits.


Helps to regulate blood sugar levels. So is a great addition for anyone with diabetes or issues with cravings for sweet things. I add it to my coffee or muesli/porridge first thing in the morning.


Is known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. Leaves added to salads or home made pesto is a great way introduce this intensely flavoured herb.


Great for digestive conditions, and restorative for the immune system.  Freshly grated, can be added to all sorts ofhot and cold dishes ,both savoury and sweet, or drunk as a restorative tea.


A king of nutritional tools. Known for it’s intense colouring, it is highly anti-inflammatory and has been used for centuries for it’s many beneficial properties. Fresh and grated, added to juices , smoothies, curries, soups stews, salads and just about everything , it must be used with fat for full absorption ( think full fat coconut milk etc)

Red berries

Now identified ashighly beneficial for gut healthand wellness being a source of nutrients for the probiotic bacteria in our gut.  

Soluble fibre

Hmmmm…. think lentils and chia and you’ll get the drift.

The biggest gift you can give to yourself overnight however is to give up SUGAR. This is a fake food and has now been linked to having cancerous properties, as well as contributing to diabetes, obesity, and decay of teeth. It is literally a poison.  Diet soda drinks are also considered highly toxic now, laced with toxic sugar substitutes 


This is really important for looking after your overall health. A positive mental attitude is key to wellness. If you believe you are sick, that is exactly what you will be.

Some traumas and beliefs can be suppressed and buried in our subconscious causing imbalances to occur in our physical wellbeing.

I believe wholeheartedly in treating the mind at a subconscious level to help to heal diseases on a physical level. After all you wouldn’t put a brand new roof on a wreck of a house without first fixing the foundations, floors and walls would you?  And this forms the basis of my Deep Healing Hypnotherapy program.

Mindfulness and meditation is also highly beneficial and doesn’t require the guidance of a qualified skilled therapist/ clinician. 

I also highly recommend regular massage therapy treatments given by qualified massage therapists. it's amazing to me how the body can conceal areas of muscular tension but produce pain in seemingly unconnected referred pain. It frightens me to think how many misdiagnosis may occur everyday resulting in potentially irrelevant treatment and even surgery when a simple massage may eliminate a problem. I have experienced numbness and pain in my feet and lower calves and it has been resolved with massage and stretching from my lower back and gluts. I also had pain in my hands and fingers, thinking I had arthritis due to my job. After treatment on my neck shoulders upper back and arms, the symptoms have disappeared.

Headaches can be result of clenching and grinding of teeth. Treatment of these headaches include relaxation of facial muscles, with combined therapies:  Using a mouthguard made specifically for the purpose by a knowledgeable dentist, Hypnotherapy for the underlying cause and Massage to alleviate tension in the facial muscles.  

So the message is , be open minded, seek help from various sources. Do you own research. Be responsible for your own health. Live long and prosper!