Salmon Surfing Rocks Chapter 5 Addiction, Childfree Living and Death

Phew!! The last few Rocks in the rapids of life. Learn to surf through and over them, leave them behind and let the flow of life lead you to the pool of calm. It really does exist and I can't wait to start telling the BEST part of the journey in the next book coming soon. 



I have been an addict. I know what it feels like to have ones life ruled by addiction. I know how dirty and how weak it feels. Addiction disempowers, weakens, and destroys self -respect and self -esteem. It creates liars and cheats out of genuinely lovely, rational, and reasonable people. It destroys trust, relationships and lives. Addiction is a very emotive word and controversial in it’s interpretation. Addiction is SELFISH in that it ONLY SEEKS TO SERVE SELF.  I believe that addiction is part physical/chemical, but a large part is psychological and choice.

I am one of the lucky ones, I have overcome my addictions through making better decisions and choices. For me it has been a mindset, I DECIDED TO CHANGE and has come with no withdrawal or complications.


That said, I have NOT been addicted to hard or illegal drugs (neither have I touched them) but I have worked with those that have. The mind-altering choiciquences of taking these is truly frightening, withdrawal being a very real and difficult consequence. Addicts of hard drugs take on the personality of that drug. I have had conversations with heroin addicts who are “heroin”. They talk with the same tone in their voice and justify doing the worst of things to get the next fix in that same whiny tone.

Marijuana addicts who talk like “marijuana”, with brains dulled and slow. But one of the most destructive and prevalent addictions is to alcohol. Being easily available and relatively cheap, alcohol addiction can creep up on even the most unsuspecting individual, with reactions to over indulgence being wholly unpredictable, which makes it so dangerous. 


Be wise in your choices and beware of addictions, they can, and will ruin your chances of living your best life.


Childfree Living


I have fallen naturally pregnant 4 times in 4 years since I turned 40. Each time I have miscarried before 10 weeks, and each time my body had the massive hormonal and physical changes that occur with pregnancy. Psychologically I was affected both positively and negatively. It was a joy to experience being pregnant even if it was for a short while. I felt special, and as if I had a secret. I was also connected and very aware of what was happening, instinctively knowing when potential new life was viable and also when it was gone. Each time it was sad for my husband and I, but we picked ourselves up and were thankful for what we had; each other.

We don’t have children of our own and I am now past that possibility. I don’t regret not having them. I have wonderful children in my life from other sources. My husband and I live a wonderfully full life with freedoms that our friends and family with children don’t have.

We don’t have parental guilt, or worries about education, health or any of the other 101 things that parents have to deal with.

I think it’s a very difficult world to bring children up in these days, and I really don’t envy anybody choosing to do it. We are lucky to have different choices to make. Each to their own!!




Death is the great equalizer, and we all will face it at some time.

I believe that death is our greatest gift at the end of our lives. It is certainly not to be feared. Most of us will spend a great deal of our lives searching for peace of mind, calmness and happiness and release from all things stressful.

In my own mind, the irony is, that is exactly what death brings about!!

Life is about experiences, good and bad, happy and painful. It is a journey to learn and grow. Death is but a gateway to rest, maybe until our next journey begins…………


Coming soon Book 3 in the Salmon Surfing Trilogy