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Salmon Surfing Rocks Chapter3 Health Part 3


Our health is the most precious gift we have, even if it is not perfect. We must take responsibility for it , cherish it, and look after it to the best of our ability. What would life look like if you lost yours? would your mind be healthy enough for you to cope? 

These days there are so many conflicting and bewildering articles on what is good for our health. I am just going put down my own recent experiences with regards to getting healthier. I love learning and being educated, but I also want to know the reasoning behind apparently “newly trending” ideas .

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Salmon Surfing Rocks Chapter 3 Health Part 2

SURVIVE AND THRIVE- Thank you to everyone who actually clicked right through to read the whole chapter published last week. It was really important that you did, if you liked the post.

Did you open a conversation and potentially save a life?

If so, you are AWESOME! Doesn’t it feel REAL? THANK YOU FROM MY HEART.

And if you didn’t maybe you could it now? It’s never too late!!

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Salmon Surfing Rocks Chapter 3 Health Part 1

Be KIND.  Don’t JUDGE. …Can you do that? It’s free to do, and rewards can be invaluable.

ASK then LISTEN. Be COMPASSIONATE…….can you do that?

It’s free, and can be priceless

If the whole world practiced these skills on a daily basis, what a different world it would be. It’s a beautiful day today, let’s each of us make it better for ourselves and someone else.


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Salmon Surfing Rocks Chapter 2 Part 2

Money should FLOW like “ebb and tide” to be at it’s most powerful. But there will be times when times are hard and conditions are harsh. Not long ago I had big credit card debt, no stable income and I was self-employed . Every time I tried to “refinance” to lower interest rate payments “computer said no!” I just didn’t fit the box.

I had to learn to make phone calls to the bank to tell them of my situation, and arrange a date to review. I came very ,very close to losing everything, however somehow ,things always worked out, even at the last the very last second.

I still continued with my quest to surf downstream ( * Salmon Surfing Downstream ) as I was wholeheartedly committed to living the life I needed to live, and my truth , no matter what the pain.

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Salmon Surfing Rocks Chapter 2

The beach this morning was very quiet. It was a cool grey morning and I was walking at a similar time to normal. The tide was higher than it had been on previous mornings, and there was less compacted easy sand available to walk on.

I am a creature that used to work best with a relatively set, yet flexible routine,  but this morning, nature reminded me that the universe doesn’t work to my schedule.

Tides have ebb and flow, higher some days than others, and waves oscillate just as waves should. Waves have highs and lows……that is life, that is balance.

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