Salmon Surfing Rocks Chapter 1

I nearly didn’t go for my beach walk today, with the excuse that I had too many “jobs “ to do. But it was a lovely morning and I seized the day, as a choiciquence,  a chain of events unfolded that inspired the first paragraph of this book. 

I had to get into the sea for a swim, the water was cool and refreshing, and today it was calm. As I gently floated on my back with my toes poking up through the waves, I noticed a little “head” bobbing along just to the side of me. At first I thought it was a hungry sand fly, but on closer inspection, it was a beautiful ladybird, caught and stranded by the surface tension of the water, unable to move. In it’s world, it was a tiny speck of life in a vast ocean, with seemingly no way of escape, and death the only possible outcome. In my world, I was right there and able to rescue the tiny creature, carefully letting it settle on my finger, out of the water, allowing it to dry off. When it didn’t appear to want to fly, I decided to exit the water, walking up through the shallow surf to the beach, aware that although I was looking to see where I was walking , I couldn’t see the bottomdue to the churned up sand…….I didn’t think much of it, and I successfully deposited the ladybug on some seaweed half way up the beach.

Heading back to the sea, I strode into the water still looking at where my feet were going to land. After only four short steps, the sandy clouds cleared around my feet to reveal a small but perfectly formed sting–ray just inches from my left foot. I could so easily have trodden on it, and who know what the consequences could have been.

The metaphor in this true story illustrates two things:

1      In any given situation, realities for different people can be entirely different, and that for one person , the reality and belief may appear to be hopeless, whereas for another person, the reality  from a different perspective, may be anything but hopeless.

2      That no matter how perfect life can seem there will always be decisions to make, with choiciquences of those decisions, and no matter how well intentioned those decisions are, things can go wrong. 

So this book is about surfing rocks as your journey downstream unfolds, ie: facing, learning the lessons from , and dealing with the challenges that you may encounter on your own journey.

Just to recap…….on my 35th birthday I started taking antidepressants. I knew things had to change and I began my surf downstream. That was 15 years ago, and what I have faced and had to deal with in that time has profoundly challenged me but ultimately made me grow into the person I am today. I will truthfully and honestly share my experiences with you in the hope that they may help or inspire you to follow your own journey.