Chapter 1 Prologue

Paint  Your Butterfly


After a time feeling trapped in a cocoon, changing slowly and growing, wanting to escape….

What would it feel like to FINALLY emerge from a chrysalis and discover you had wings to fly. That a brave new world had opened up for you, with possibilities that you never dreamed could be real or available to you. How would it feel to realize that there were others like you all emerging ready to fly?

What colours would you paint your butterfly wings to express your joy, and where would you fly?

This is the amazing spiritual journey that went alongside my Salmon Surfing Downstream Journey.  It is the surf that flowed over and through the rocks. It won’t resonate with everybody and that’s ok. But it will resonate with those for whom it’s meant to, and reinforce what they have been experiencing is real.

Paint your Butterfly

Chapter 1 Five White Feathers

There have been many times during my journey when I have experienced amazing meetings between like-minded souls. There have also been times when I have felt “sent” to a certain person, in order for us to fulfill a higher purpose together, both learning lessons from, and benefitting each other, before moving on.

This is the truth about one of the most powerful of those meetings that happened quite recently.

She phoned me out of the blue wanting to book into my new “group healing hypnotherapy” course. I was delighted and explained that the course would be one session for four weeks consecutively, each week working on a different parameter for healing mind, body, and spirit. And there would be up to 10 people in the group. In the event, she was my only client for the first course.

Margaret (not her real name) came to the class explaining that she had seen my brochure whilst out on a walk, which had brought her to our hub. She was looking at all the courses offered, yoga, mindfulness etc, but when she spotted my brochure, she said that she immediately “knew” that was what she needed.

She told me she had been hypnotized before and liked the sound of the content of the course. Frowning deeply, she explained that she had been feeling uneasy and conflicted with her life, and found it difficult to deal with some of the situations she found herself in. She also felt “different” and misunderstood by most people. She couldn’t understand why she felt like this or why she had to live her life feeling this way; wandering aimlessly through her life, lost, feeling totally alone. She wanted to feel better, more balanced, less conflicted and content.

Being an empath, I immediately got the feeling that all her energy was focused inward, in a negative self -protective way, and that she had shut herself off from the world around her. I knew that the healing course would be of  benefit to her. Little did I know then just how much each of us would get out of it.

My initial thoughts were that Margaret would be an interesting client, putting all my skills to the test to get the best results, but being my only client I could at least put all my energy into her needs.

The first session went well ,and Margaret was able to go into a very deep trance. She experienced a very valuable spontaneous deeply spiritual moment out of the blue when she was at her deepest place, and was amazed on waking, how “out of this world” it had felt.

I knew then that we were working together for a higher purpose, as I was also inspired by what she told me.

From that moment Margaret’s energy changed. It began to flow outward.

The following two sessions also went well . These sessions were “inner work” sessions and resulted in removal of blockages and conflicts that might be holding Margaret back from being able to live her best life. She didn’t experience any more spiritual moments in these sessions but felt shifts in the following days, and clearance resulting in a profound sense of wellbeing and inner peace.

In front of my eyes she began to blossom. Her energy was radiating and she was walking taller and smiling more. Her face looked relaxed, and she was wearing  makeup with lovely pink lipstick which really suited her. She looked 5 years younger.

She told me (out of trance ) about things that she had not told anyone ,but had somehow come into her recent consciousness which she felt was relevant to her healing. It all made sense to me and I reflected my thoughts back, which then made sense to her. She had lost her grown up son some years previously, but explained that she had come to terms with his death and didn’t let the loss of him affect her life now. She had also been told by her mother, that she had a baby twin who didn’t survive.  Margaret had had two children of her own but had always felt that there should have been three babies in her life.

Her final session was connection of mind, body and Soul, having done all the clearing and rebalancing work.  Again she went very deep and experienced some deeply spiritual moments. The session was very powerful for her and she awakened feeling transformed.

I have to say she looked transformed too.

Margaret was only in the country for another two weeks and requested a further 2 sessions to explore her new awakenings. I agreed and we arranged to do some regression back to the womb.

I felt this would be highly relevant as Margaret had told me that her “safe” place was a womb like bubble in which she could fly.

When she came for this session she handed me a bunch of 5 white feathers, excitedly explaining that in the past week she felt that she had been close to her dead son, and felt he had been with her. She went on further to say, that when he was alive, he loved white cockatoos, and that since our sessions, she had been finding white feathers, 5 in all and that 5 was a very special number to him. She no longer felt alone, unloved and disconnected.

In a highly synchronistic moment, I had seen a wonderful  poster on my way to this session which read “when feathers appear, Angels are near” and I told Margaret this. She smiled so broadly and gave me a hug.

In her regression session she also saw a foetus and felt she would possibly seek to connect to her lost twin through a psychic medium when she returned home.

I knew we were meant to meet. Her journey with me, gave me a gift too. It showed me what was possible to achieve, and reinforced a purpose in my own journey .

On the day Margaret was leaving the country, I was taking my usual walk along the beach looking for shells, using the beach walk as my meditation time.

When I got to the place where I like to swim, I couldn’t believe my eyes; white feathers everywhere!!! I felt surrounded by love.

I have experienced white feathers on the beach once since, and I knew I would. It was just after I had written a very difficult chapter of Salmon Surfing Rocks, and the whole reason for that book. It was part of my destiny and one of my biggest challenges. Having published it, I went for a walk to clear my head, during which, I saw white feathers everywhere, and knew everything would be ok.

Margaret has since emailed me about further experiences since our meeting. She is now living a happy and fulfilled life, opened up to what is possible. She is also an empath with a sixth sense, and now knows it. Who knows where it will take her.

So this book is about my spiritual journey, from the beginning to now, and my journey has in no way finished. But for those who are starting out, I hope you will find this an entertaining read at least. Remember I am a scientist by education, so I have a “evidence based” background. However some things maybe beyond explanation at the present time, they just “are”.

(Lets face it ,100 years ago who would have believed that we would have small handheld devices that could send invisible wireless messages around the world accurately to another single handheld device in less than a heart beat of time? Maybe it’s just our manmade version of telepathy?)