Chapter 5 Soul Mates, Angel moments and Numerology


Angel moments


Have you ever met someone you just knew you had to meet, there is an instant connection, a resonance: something that can’t be explained, and beyond “just a coincidence”?

The meeting is powerfully inspirational to both people, and both lives are enhanced and changed forever, as a result?

I call these “angel moments”. They are very special, and profound.


My first recollection of one of these meetings, was right at the beginning of my “spiritual grooming”, a time when I had no faith, and didn’t want to believe in anything in particular. Life just was, and all I wanted to do was lead a good one.

Anyway, this happened out of the blue, and for many years I told my friends about the meeting without knowing how to explain it.

I was at University at the time, and was introduced to someone at a party. We had only been talking about 10 to 20 seconds when a little voice in the back of my head just started repeating “Yes, Yes, Yes!” just like that, loudly. I had never experienced this before, but knew I had met a kindred spirit, a best friend, and soul-mate. And so it was, I felt like I had met my twin. But as you’ll no doubt read in other texts, soul mates cannot always live in harmony, and can actually be quite destructive to one another in life. However, I do believe that the soul connection exists and continues, essentially being timeless.     


Soul Awakening


 As mentioned in an earlier chapter I met someone really talented who gave me some very special and spiritual insight.

Every day during my stay at the Golden Door, I lived in the moment. I never planned too much ahead needing to do things when, and if I wanted to. I had planned however, to go out on an early morning walk one particular day, but when 6 am came round, it was cold wet and windy. The next day looked much more promising.

The following day was great, and I left to go on the walk with enthusiasm. I soon overheard one of the other ladies raving about her visit to the lady hypnotherapist, who she had seen the day before. Being a trained clinical hypnotherapist, my interest was peaked, as I had, for a long time, wanted to find someone to work with me for a personal session, but knowing that it would be very challenging to find another such professional who I would be able to benefit from. I learnt that she worked in a different way to me, and the reviews she was getting were phenomenal. Unbelievably, and wonderfully “lucky” for me, she had a space available at 9 that very morning, which I jumped at. As I entered her room, I found myself immediately at ease.  She talked the same language as me, and what she said, resonated strongly. I did not tell her I was a hypnotherapist, thinking it may have made things less natural. I did however express that I had some experience of hypnotherapy but not in the interactive sense, only the guided form.

All I can say is, that we had an extremely deep and powerful session and she opened up internal channels of communication within me that I have used everyday since. She lead me to visualize my “inner self” or soul, and she asked questions that I answered so quickly from a place so deep, that I didn’t even remember the question; the answer to which, seemed to come from a different place, with a different voice: but was incredibly quick, strong and emphatic. It gave me clear insight about what my purpose was; my absolute truth. 

This experience gave me verification that what I felt compelled to do, was the right path.


Numerology and the Earth Mother


I had never heard of numerology until a month ahead of going to the Golden door, but again I had a very interesting enlightening experience, which came up the day after the hypnotherapy session.

Before I go into this I have to go back about a month to a “chance” meeting on my favourite walk.

I met a lady a year before one morning on this walk. She had a lovely big dog and we stopped and chatted for a while. She told me she considering selling her house and moving from Australia to the UK, as she was not happy and wanted to be nearer her son and family. I hoped she would make the right decision

for herself and wished her well. July a whole year later, I hadn’t seen her again on the walk, but had been thinking about her as I passed her house every time. This particular day, there she was, and we stopped again to chat. She had decided to move, and was in the process of selling her house. In fact, she was due to complete in 10 days and was leaving for Europe, to join her mother and son. I congratulated her on her decision, and wished her well. She mentioned that she was into numerology and that she would like to do my numbers before she left as she felt there was a connection between us. I agreed, but thought that really she wouldn’t have time before she left. However, she was absolutely true to her word, as if it were a mission for her, and she gave me two very precious hours of her time a week later. As she read my numbers things came up which I felt to be true…and other things that we will have to wait and see. Apparently I am a number 5, which does describe a lot of my personality traits. I don’t have a karmic number, which she explained meant that I was at the end of a very long journey, having learnt all my lessons in my journey through lives and time, this being my final journey, putting them all into practice and fulfilling my destiny!

After the numerology we chatted some more. Unbelievably, we found out that her son lived in a town called Cheltenham, in the Cotswolds, UK. This was where I had lived for 10 years and she even knew the very village I had lived in. Further to this she knew and loved the statue of an angel in the church yard that I had also dearly loved !! I really got a sense that in some way we had been connected in a previous life. It was entirely ethereal, and a bit spooky, but really powerful.

I have not seen her since, but I really feel as though she and I were meant to connect. passing on some ancient knowledge after which she left, her mission done.


Another “meant to be meeting” was my “Rock” (my husband). We met on a yacht half way across the Atlantic Ocean. I was the newest member of the crew and the only female. Andy is one of the best sailors I have ever come across and immediately made me feel safe. As well as a soul mate, he is a “life partner” for which I am very grateful.

Meeting him wasn’t the end of the story. Through him I met another “angel”, and I’m sure I was “sent” on that journey to eventually meet her. This particular“earth angel” was in need at the time, and we became, and are, incredibly close. She looked after me as if I was her own, and hopefully I have reciprocated.   


 Meeting was my “Five feathers lady” from the previous chapter was another "calling". I can’t wait to hear how she is doing now.


The most recent “meeting “ was on a plane home from the UK.  I noticed a lady who seemed to be travelling alone. Coincidentally, when we boarded the plane she was in the seat next to me. We exchanged greetings and had a few minutes of small talk before the plane took off. The stewardesses then came round identifying vegetarians for the meal service, and my neighbor was missed. When she enquired about her meal it turned out that she should have been sat in the row in front. She decided to move to the row in front, which left us both with more room. We didn’t speak for the rest of the flight. However, on landing we picked up our conversation and as we had a stopover of about 3 hours to kill we decided to go for coffee together. The conversation flowed and I’m sure we were both inspired by each other’s stories and situations. She was off to Uluru for a spiritual adventure and was embarking on her own spiritual journey. I told her a bit about mine, and that I was writing these books, saying that I hoped she would write about her journey. I very much hope she does. She was a carer by profession and a beautiful soul. A possible “light-worker.”  Who knows? There was a definite “power” surrounding that meeting. I remember the feeling I had in my chest even now.


There are many, many other meetings I could talk about.  And I am so grateful for all the friends I have. They are truly special, all recognizing and accepting my “bit weird and woowoo” side.


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