Chapter 8 The END and The NEW Beginning

I am living my truth. I have felt compelled to write these three books as part of my journey. Everything I have written has flowed, and I “felt” that I would finish them today.

It feels as if it is my destiny to relate, teach, and hopefully heal. I am at peace with that. I have no expectations after this, just to continue learning, writing and healing, living life in the moment and with gratitude for all that I have. I am comfortable with growing older. It affords me a peace of mind that comes with having experienced a world of different challenges. Vanity and ego are empty and useless words, acceptance and wisdom replacing them. I live the life I choose to live, a gift I wish for everyone.  

My days are spent doing the things I love to do. I live by the sea and get to walk along the beach every day. The sea walk is my meditation. In that time I am very present and grateful. The sound of the waves is my “Om” (Aum)

Early morning is my time of creativity, energy, and focus. The afternoon is my time of quiet and rest. In between these times I write, and practice healing. 

Like the “Salmon Surfing Downstream” I am in my “Pool of Calm”.


Accept what is,

Embrace the now,

Your next breath is different,

It’s up to you how.


Take that breath,

Look around,

Calm and centred,

It will be found,

That space within

From which to begin.


Take a breath,

Look around

Notice scents

Hear the sounds,

Find that space deep within,

Calm and centred,

Breathe gratitude in.