Chapter 7 Spiritual Journey, Spiritual sign-posts and Guidance

I still feel very much at the beginning of my spiritual learning journey and I learn new things everyday, but one of the latest, and most poignant lessons, is not to get distracted by other people’s pathways to “enlightenment”. It is all too easy, with the internet, to get caught up in all the different "info" out there. Being persuaded to spend hours of your precious time and many of your precious dollars chasing “further techniques to hasten your path, deepen your meditations, and allow you to access out of this world experiences.” It’s a bit like chasing the ideal weight loss solution. There are lots of people out there with lots of different ideas, hoping you will subscribe and spend your dollars with them. I have been guilty of chasing the dream this way, until I realized that my focus had been pulled away from exactly what I was seeking.  In my humble opinion, spirituality is not an exam subject that you can study really hard for a few weeks, and get an A+

 I use books and texts now, only to enhance MY understanding of MY experiences as they happen. I have put my faith in the universe to teach me the next lesson when I am ready to hear it. I have to trust the Universe, and it has to trust me, if that makes sense. So although I have a really open mind about all things, my journey of learning may be slower or faster than someone else’s, with lessons and abilities being different.  My truth and reason to be, will be different from someone else’s.

So this is where I am at: the stories I have told are all true. They reveal that I feel more connected at times than others. I have been growing spiritually, slowly and steadily, only now feeling that I am about to split the Chrysalis and burst forth with wings painted in a rainbow of bright colours, highlighted with gold and silver.

In growing, I have been open to the Spiritual sign -posts and maps that have been sent to me along the way. For this spiritual guidance to work the strength of my skills of empathy (6th sense), self-awareness (listening to that inner voice) open-mindedness, resilience and faith, have all been critically necessary. That is why I have emphasized these at the beginning of “Salmon Surfing Downstream”.

Trust your own senses, listen to yourself. If things aren’t working after several attempts, stop. Trust. You will be shown a better way. Feel your own waves and vibrations, if you have a “sense" “ or surge that something needs to be done, trust it, and get it done. Your next lesson will follow. Trust in your own path, a love each minute of it, and love yourself. You are where you are meant to be.