Chapter 6 Meeting Merlin and the medium


Meeting Merlin


“Merlin” is one of my “psychic team” and "go to" as my mentor. For me, it was one of those “meant to be” meetings. I met him at precisely the time I needed to.

I had long been experiencing things I couldn’t explain: feelings, coincidences, manifestations etc. I needed validation that these things were real for me, and I was not going cazy! I met Merlin on an unrelated course, and ‘sensed” a power about him. He was warm, funny and generous.  Hugely talented as a magician, mentalist and hypnotherapist. he was also an incredible healer.

He set me free. He was unafraid to talk about thingswhich stretched the bounds of the usual closed human belief systems.

I decided to write to him after the course to thank him, and to ask him if some of my experiences could be real. He affirmed to me that it was quite possible they were, even if they felt a bit “woo woo” or left of centre.

Since then I have felt released, being able to experience the true joy of 6th sense abilities, and freedom to really believe in bigger universal powers.

I went to spend a few days with him and his beautiful wife, to learn more about him and his skills, and to have conversations that you could only have with trusted people who were of the same mind.

He has given me the confidence to pursue my own journey, in which healing is at the heart of my purpose.


The Psychic Medium


I had never been to a medium prior to this. I never did want my fortune told and I certainly didn’t want to experience a fake. However this lovely lady came with many , many, recommendations and my friend was organizing an evening for her “girlie” friends where this lady was able to be booked for readings. I decided to give it a go.

I didn’t know what to expect and nearly ended up missing the appointment, arriving a few minutes late.

The ladywas patiently waiting and laughed as I told her I had been knocking at the wrong door. She then just asked me my name as I took a seat. She explained that there was a male spirit or entity that was waiting to talk to me, and was worrying where I was.

I listened to her as she spoke about the entitiy, and about the way he had passed on ( in order to identify him) She then mimicked the exact way he had died, and I recognized it as my Dads passing at which I had been present.

The next half hour was amazing! It was like I was having the conversation with my Dad that I had needed to have for a good few years. I had always “talked” to him in my mind and had asked many questions. The lady medium spontaneously knew the questions I had been asking, and verbalized how my Dad answered them. All my questions were answered, and more. It was very heart warming and loving. I cried buckets but only tears of joy.

I always felt my Dad was with me and had been acting as my guide.

I have  been back to her once since, after another close relative passed away. There were a couple of years between this visit and the first one, and I was, initially hesitant, as I didn’t want to lessen the experience of the first time.

 Sure enough, it was different, but in a good way. This time she told me a bit about my life, and maybe what to expect. It was only at the end of the session when I asked her if my recently passed relative was around, that the funniest thing happened. She started to talk in a voice    just like my Aunt : in her tones, phrasing and sense of humour. One thing that stood out during the conversation was that my Aunt expressed she could “walk and was happy”. She passed away from Motor Neurone Desease which robbed her of her of her ability to walk and talk.

I came away from that visit laughing, knowing she was ok.


Death and the Afterlife


In my twenties, I certainly didn’t believe in reincarnation or the afterlife per se, however, I did believe that when our bodies died, our energy didn't, and moved on. Science taught me that energy cannot be destroyed, but it can change to a different form.

From my relatively recent experiences, I hope and believe, that we do carry on, but in a more peaceful form, with rest, less pain, more love and more joy.

I believe that, contrary to popular belief, Death is our ultimate gift to reward our efforts in life.

We live our lives as best we can, taking the knocks, “surfing the rocks” and learning the lessons from them that we are supposed to. At the end of our “life test” we are given exactly what we spend most of our lives searching for, peace, peace of mind, freedom from pain, stress and worry. Death is not something to be feared.

I believe we get to rest and reset for whatever comes next.


Tested from beyond the Grave


My Aunt loved her garden,  and apart from art, it was her passion, taking up a lot of her time. There was a period when she felt she was being bullied by a gentleman who owned a parcel of land adjacent to hers. He was a developer and had plans drawn up without her consent to build a large house which covered his land and her garden. He suggested that she could sell the land to him, and they could split the profits when the house was built and sold. She was so offended by his actions that she made me promise to protect her garden from him after she passed on.

When the time came to sort her estate, I did protect her garden by dividing it from the main house and keeping it as it was, maintained and beautiful. I can't tell you the number of times I was told by lots of different people that I was being ridiculous and that it would be far easier to sell the house and garden complete. I nearly lost my marbles defending my decision to honour and up- hold my promise to my Aunt.  The main house went on the market but took a long time to sell because prospective buyers were put off by the “potential building plot” adjacent to the house. However, one of the keen potential buyers had the same name ( first, middle , and last name ) as the developer. He also had the same profession ( engineer) and lived in the same area with two of his three sons also having the same names. I was convinced it was the developer and in the end had to get a copy of the poor man's passport, to prove he wasn’t . I had already told the estate agent that I couldn’t sell the house to this man, if indeed he was the developer. In the end things fell through anyway, but I felt as if I had been tested from beyond the grave as to whether I would keep my word.

In the end everything was sorted. The garden is known as the “Magic Garden” by the neighbours, and hopefully sometime in the future, it will be a place of serenity for people to enjoy. My dream is to put a small eco studio there so that relatives of patients of the nearby hospice have somewhere to stay if they need it.

So do I believe in existence after death on earth ? Yes, absolutely I do.