Chapter 4 Yet MORE Manifestations


I have to “pay attention” to the date 13th July. For a while now, as I have been writing these books, this date has been coming from my subconscious into my consciousness. I can’t tell you why. Maybe its because at unconscious level I feel a need to finish writing this book, as it completes the trilogy. Or maybe it’s because the 13th of the month is my “Marjory Day” (I’ll explain that later) However I came across  “the second Ring Thing” in a diary entry I had written to remind me of the event…… You can make up your own mind.

The second “Ring Thing”

This story starts with the manifestation of a new job I got “just through chance “: my beautiful Mum- in -law had taken me on an excursion to Geelong. We were "Op-shopping"  and  were hunting for a place to stop for a coffee. Having found a suitable venue, I noticed a nice looking dental practice just up the road, and in the spur of the moment decided to put my card in over the counter, just in case they were looking for anyone to work part time or as a locum. A week later I got the call…and then my ideal job, as it turned out they were looking for someone just like me, which was fantastic! I actually started to earn what I needed to be earning, and it afforded me the much needed trip to the UK to see my friends and family.

As part of that trip, I was celebrating( July 13th) with all my friends, partying in a hotel in Cheltenham. A very special friend of mine and I were out looking in the shops, when we came to the jewelers where I had purchased a special ring in the past. In the window there was a very pretty, inexpensive aquamarine silver ring, which complemented a necklace I already had. So as a momento of my visit, I decided to buy it. When I was paying for it, the assistant commented on my dads ring I was wearing ( the one that I had made from the stone found in the “first ring thing”) expressing how pretty it was. I told her the story of the stone and the first “ring thing”. I took off dads ring  to try the new one on, and it felt like I was getting permission to move on … stone to green… if stop to go…….

That visit allowed me to to do what I needed to do back in the UK; heal some wounds , cross some ‘t”s, dot some I’ s .

Everyday manifesting

For a long time I lived in a state of financial instability. I would get to the end of each month and wonder how on earth I was going to pay the interest on my loans, buy food and meds. Each month I was taken to the absolute peak of my fear, with no apparent solution. However EVERY time I was really desperate, something would happen at the very last minute to solve the problem. Every single time, I was saved. The last time it happened, and not so long in the past, I really had NO solution at hand, potentially facing an actual financial meltdown, having exhausted every apparent avenue. The due date of repayment of a huge loan I had taken out  was imminent, and I had absolutely no way of settling it unless I managed to sell a property.  I had already had four “sales” fall through. If I didn’t repay the loan I forfeited the  property and would still be in debt.

I just gave myself up to "fate", putting my faith in the universe  accepting my path.

Within 48 hours a sale had gone through and the money for the loan was in my account. I managed to pay off the loan with only a few days to spare.

This was an extreme example which tested my faith whilst I faced my biggest fear.

Since that moment I have no fear.

Other everyday manifestations are as mundane as manifesting clothes and shoes.

Having no had money to spend on clothes for such a long time, I have become very adept at “pre-loved shopping”, knowing that if I want a particular item, I just have to have a very clear idea of what I want and a bit of patience. In time, I find that item at a price I can afford. It’s SO satisfying to find something beautiful and otherwise unaffordable, at a great price!!! 

It's two weeks until the 13th July......keep reading to find out what happens!!

Next week  "Angel moments" and stuff.......