Chapter 3 More Manifestations

Manifesting begins and happens, I believe, at an unconscious level. That is to say, I manifest when I truly believe at an unconscious level that I am in need of something. I rarely manifest at a purely conscious level and that is probably why I haven’t manifested a win on the lottery!!  

I am practiced at this now,  knowing I am going to manifest certain things, it’s just a matter of when, and being patient.

The next two stories are examples that happened spontaneously,  before I was practised and really able to manifest regularly.


It was one of those early manifestation moments that I will never forget. For a while I had been feeling a desperate NEED (and had been dreaming of in my minds eye) a spa retreat to get away from it all. I was so very tired and exhausted after all the stress of ongoing financial pressures, job issues , and being diagnosed with drug resistant high blood pressure. I noticed a competition in my favourite magazine MindFood, for a week at the all- inclusive Golden Door Spa Resort, in fact, just the resort I had been dreaming about . Having never entered a competition before, I decided to give it a go. Little did I know that four or so weeks after sending in my entry, I would get an email telling me that I had won!!  Even noticing the email was a revelation. I hardly ever check my spam box, but this particular day for no particular reason I did. Half way down the page there was a “Congratulations ! You have Won” email. I nearly didn’t open it as it seemed the typical “spam” style of mail. Thankfully I did, and nearly fell off my chair when I read the wonderful news.

And so I arrived at the Golden Door Elysia Health and Wellness Retreat for my five star, five night, luxury stay, courtesy of my competition win with MindFood magazine.

Standing in front of the impressive Golden Front Door, the last effects of the fourth coffee of the morning; a guiltily consumed, but may I say, delicious white choc mocha, gradually ebbing away…..I realized that I was truly in the right place!

I had booked in on “Body Blitz” week…it was the only week I could take away, but had come armed clutching a sick note from “nursy” for “light duties only” and a prescription for “ plenty of R&R”.

My fellow “Blitzers” and I were welcomed and put into to teams, blue and green. And whilst I mumbled a pathetically apologetic “sorry guys I might be a bit of a party pooper”, we were shown to the dining room and given a wonderfully delicious gourmet lunch, (the first of many Gourmet Golden Moments)

Feeling satiated and gourmetised, we were then shown to our chalets ( second Golden moment)

Each chalet had a bathroom which was so big and luxurious I could have lived in it, a fabulous view from the private balcony, and a bed so comfortable I ended up sleeping 18 hours out of 24 for the first two days, (only waking for lectures and meals),  all mod cons were supplied, including a fridge, microwave, dryer and a safe to store your valuables and any illicit contraband you had somehow inadvertently snuck in, such as coffee, chocolate and biscuits.

More Golden moments followed as the days unfolded.

The environment was so supportive, harmonious and peaceful, it made detoxing relatively painless, coffee being the exception, but helped by gallons of delicious herbal teas.

I tussled briefly with guilt as my fellow “Blitzers” got straight on into it, but felt slightly vindicated after my two days R&R, watching a few people feeling a little bit tired, stiff and sore, but, like they say, “no pain, no gain”!! And to ease aches and pains there were 3 pools and a steam room to relax in !

The staff’s energy, warmth and support was all very natural, giving a real sense of harmony and happiness. A great team of truly dedicated people who took every care and precaution to see that every guest got what they needed, and a comfortable balance was struck between the physical activities, the wellness and therapeutic activities. Each of the guests were there for different reasons, and it was easy to get an individual program tailored to suit.

The food, as I said before, was delicious nutritious and absolutely gourmet…..I looked forward to and enjoyed every single meal.

The Spa facilities were awesome, with a very tranquil and calming atmosphere, which enhanced the ability to be able to soak up the serenity. The range of treatments was large and divine with the therapists being professionally fabulous.

There was also a program of classes including numerology, yoga,  cooking and nutrition, and alternative therapists including hypnotherapy and soul awakening. I packed in as much as I could once I had rested and found all the above inspiring.

The whole stay was powerfully nurturing, enriching, invigorating and empowering, whilst being luxurious and restful. It was EXACTLY what I had needed and more.

I came home totally restored, and in the words ofthe lovely, talented, hypnotherapist Sonja Bollnow, who I will talk about in a later chapter-

“with nothing to do and everything to be”

Wedding Shoes

I was in such a rush. I had left it to the last minute to get to my final fitting appointment for my wedding dress. In horror I realized that I was supposed to have been bringing my wedding shoes and underwear to this fitting and hadn’t got either! The shoes in particular were important to get the length of the dress right. As I literally ran down the street, I passed a Salvos opp shop. Being a savvy opp shopper, I decided to “pop in” to see if there was any shoes I could buy and take to the fitting, just for height purposes. I stood in front of the shoe counter and surveyed the shelves. There were a lot of shoes and shelves up to the ceiling, so I took my time, and looked carefully along each row to see if I could spot anything vaguely suitable.

There was nothing. In pure frustration I quietly stamped my foot, and exclaimed undr my breath “Oh for goodness sake, there MUST be SOMETHING I can take!”.

In that very moment, my eyes were drawn upwards to a shelf near the very top, right to the very end. There, on the end of the row, was a pair of cream coloured shoes! I reached up and got them down to have a closer look. What I found astonished me. The shoes were the most exquisite pearlized cream leather Italian wedding shoes of a retro design, with a square toe, and a perfect height of heel. The inside of the shoe was bright, shiny gold in colour. and the sole showed they had never been worn!  They were, and still are, one of the most beautiful pair of shoes I have ever come across. To make my find even more glorious, they were my exact size, and fitted comfortably. I was ecstatic!!! I bounded to the counter and got the $20 out of my purse to pay for them. The assistant smiled and said, “It must be your lucky day. These are on sale at $15” It was certainly my lucky day. I will keep those shoes forever reminding me of a very special moment.

I wore them at my wedding; my Cinderella Shoes.