Chapter 2 Manifestations: the Ring Thing


I wasn’t always convinced of spirituality, I was brought up a Christian and went to Sunday school; was confirmed at 14 and then completely lost my faith at 21.

For a few years I didn’t believe in anything, especially reincarnation and an afterlife. I believed that heaven and hell existed on earth and it was the life we led that determined our path.

However, my “spiritual grooming” started in my mid twenties, very gently, and almost undetectable at first.


As a young child I had always been very sensitive to other peoples feelings. I didn’t like fighting (except with my brother) and was often on the receiving end of another’s insecurities. I always felt that I was different , a little bit “left of centre”, and didn’t quite fit.  It turns out I am empath.

In my mid twenties I had a powerful feeling that I was destined for more, that there were bigger things out there for me to do, which started me on a path of searching for better things , self -improvement ,and up-skilling. I took courses, (Anthony Robbins) and a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and I read books like “The Secret”, whilst also being suckered into trying various different business ventures, most of which failed and drained me of energy.

It was in my thirties that “spiritual” events really started to happen, which I couldn’t ignore. It was tempting and convenient, at first, to “excuse” or explain them away as coincidences, but, it quickly became apparent that I couldn’t, and I had to acknowledge them for what I FELT and believed they were.


I was first introduced to the concept of “manifesting” when reading “The Secret”

And I think like everyone, I tried too hard to manifest at first, wanting the winning lottery ticket etc. However, I have come to be quite adept at manifesting, and some of the experiences I will relate, are just a few and more significant manifestations that have happened. I live my life with the belief that I can manifest what I need, and it seems to happen……I will start with one of the first and most profoundly enriching of these experiences. Enjoy!

The Ring Thing

I had a deeply spiritual experience on Gorleston beach after my dad had passed away, which was beautiful and uplifting, and paved the way for another wonderful experience further down the track.

One of the things that had been really precious to me was a ring Dad had made at a silver-smithing class with a stone I had found on the beach years before. He had polished and set it in a really rough and ready chunky ring.... I loved it!

 Long story short, it had been stolen from our house a couple of years before, about which I was gutted.


I was staying with mum in the UK, and was feeling a wee bit frustrated. In order to get some alone time and head space, I used to go out very early on my bike, riding down to the beach for a walk/run before the madness of the day started! This particular morning was a beautiful clear, cold but sunny blue sky morning.....perfect conditions to find stones.

I had a lovely long walk up the beach avidly searching the shoreline, but unusually I hadn't been able to find one single stone....which was outrageously unusual! I finished my walk and was back at my bike, frustrated at the thought of another trying day....

I stood on the sand and loudly voiced to the sky..." Oh Dad I wish you were here. You would have loved this morning, and I could so do with you around to help with Mum!" Suddenly, from out of nowhere, my eyes where caught by a flash of colour to my right...a beautiful rose pink and amber bead in amongst the wet pebbles on the shoreline.....I raced over and picked up the was a beautiful naturally formed cabouchon cornelian agate; virtually the exact size of the stone in the ring that  had been pinched! I felt a very strong vibrational sense or resonating feeling that my Dad was present at that moment, and was sending me a sign: that things would be ok, and he was there. Since that time, the feeling has never left me. I have had the stone set, unpolished, just as I found it, in a silver setting of the same design that my dad made, and when I wear it , it gives me a sense of peace.


The following year I won a much needed holiday!