Paint Your Butterfly

Chapter 8 The END and The NEW Beginning

I am living my truth. I have felt compelled to write these three books as part of my journey. Everything I have written has flowed, and I “felt” that I would finish them today.

It feels as if it is my destiny to relate, teach, and hopefully heal. I am at peace with that. I have no expectations after this, just to continue learning, writing and healing, living life in the moment and with gratitude for all that I have. I am comfortable with growing older. It affords me a peace of mind that comes with having experienced a world of different challenges. Vanity and ego are empty and useless words, acceptance and wisdom replacing them. I live the life I choose to live, a gift I wish for everyone.  

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Chapter 7 Spiritual Journey, Spiritual sign-posts and Guidance

Trust your own senses, listen to yourself. If things aren’t working after several attempts, stop. Trust. You will be shown a better way. Feel your own waves and vibrations, if you have a “sense" “ or surge that something needs to be done, trust it, and get it done. Your next lesson will follow. Trust in your own path, a love each minute of it, and love yourself. You are where you are meant to be.

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Chapter 6 Meeting Merlin and the medium

“Merlin” is one of my “psychic team” and "go to" as my mentor. For me, it was one of those “meant to be” meetings. I met him at precisely the time I needed to.

I had long been experiencing things I couldn’t explain: feelings, coincidences, manifestations etc. I needed validation that these things were real for me, and I was not going cazy! I met Merlin on an unrelated course, and ‘sensed” a power about him. He was warm, funny and generous.  Hugely talented as a magician, mentalist and hypnotherapist. he was also an incredible healer.

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Chapter 5 Soul Mates, Angel moments and Numerology

Have you ever met someone you just knew you had to meet, there is an instant connection, a resonance: something that can’t be explained, and beyond “just a coincidence”?

The meeting is powerfully inspirational to both people, and both lives are enhanced and changed forever, as a result?

I call these “angel moments”. They are very special, and profound.

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Chapter 4 Yet MORE Manifestations

I have to “pay attention” to the date 13th July. For a while now, as I have been writing these books, this date has been coming from my subconscious into my consciousness. I can’t tell you why. Maybe its because at unconscious level I feel a

need to finish writing this book, and start really promoting it as a complete trilogy. Or maybe it’s because the 13th of the month is my “Marjory Day” (I’ll explain that later) However I came across  “the second Ring Thing” in a diary I had written to remind me of the event…… You can make up your own mind.

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Chapter 3 More Manifestations

Manifesting begins and happens, I believe, at an unconscious level. That is to say, I manifest when I truly believe at an unconscious level that I am in need of something. I rarely manifest at a purely conscious level and that is probably why I haven’t manifested a win on the lottery!!  

I am practiced at this now,  knowing I am going to manifest certain things, it’s just a matter of when, and being patient.

The next two stories are examples that happened spontaneously,  before I was practised and really able to manifest regularly.

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Chapter 2 Manifestations: the Ring Thing

I wasn’t always convinced of spirituality, I was brought up a Christian and went to Sunday school; was confirmed at 14 and then completely lost my faith at 21.

For a few years I didn’t believe in anything, especially reincarnation and an afterlife. I believed that heaven and hell existed on earth and it was the life we led that determined our path.

However, my “spiritual grooming” started in my mid twenties, very gently, and almost undetectable at first.

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Chapter 1 Prologue

What would it feel like to FINALLY emerge from a chrysalis and discover you had wings to fly. That a brave new world had opened up for you, with possibilities that you never dreamed could be available to you. How would it feel to realize that there were others like you, all emerging ready to fly?

(What colours would you paint your butterfly wings to express your joy, and where would you fly?)

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